DIY Aquaponics Systems  is a site designed to serve hobbyists and aquaponics enthusiasts. It will provide readers with information on researches, several projects,how-tos and best practices. A lot of aquaponics gardeners have mentioned that we all need to learn the basic aquaponic gardening rules for DIY aquaponics. The reason why is because as novices we could use a lot of help with aquaponics how-to without investing a considerable amount of time reading and researching what you should do and what you should not do. But always know that not everything we advise here is fixed and unchangeable. There are several exceptions to almost every rule under certain circumstances. But they do have a set of generally accepted rules that if you adhere to it will place you on a course that would lead to a successful gardening. We are hoping that you will find this blog useful and get the knowledge you need on building your own DIY aquaponics system!

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